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Seamless Webtools is a leading New Zealand developer of quality, results-focused website design and internet marketing tools for global businesses of all shapes and sizes based in Auckland & Christchurch.

Our Aim

After running multiple businesses ourselves and having worked with multiple business owners, we identified a major problem in the way websites are being developed for New Zealand businesses. The problem is multiple products from different providers needing to be tacked together - often not fully achieving the desired result and with much expense.

Here is a classic example: John Doe company is running a website from X company, an email marketing system from Y company, and a CRM system from ABC company. Though each product may be good in its own right, John Doe company finds that they have customer contacts in multiple systems - resulting in a nightmare trying to keep them all up to date. They waste alot of time running multiple products and having to create "work around system". 

We aim to be at the global forefront of innovation that eliminates all of this hassle for business owners. Our system provides a comprehensive all-in-one system that you can even integrate your accounting software into! Imagine on system that you and your staff could log into to manage your website, database, customer ticketing, marketing campaigns, ecommerce, accounts and more.

More about Seamless Webtools

Why the name Seamless Webtools? Seamless Webtools conveys to our clients what we are all about. We deliver a seamless web experience for businesses. Right from our free consultations through to the finished result. Our name conveys the two most important aspects of our business that we are proud off.

First, our powerful all-in-one online business solution that provides seamless webtools for any job. Secondly, our seamless service and support.

We listen to our clients and make sure that we understand what they are wanting to achieve. We love feedback - if you find a seam then let us know and we will fix it. If you want to contact us about anything or require more information please click here.
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