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Website Design Christchurch: Using Social Media Effectively

website-design-christchurchYour business most certainly has a profile on Facebook and perhaps on Twitter, but are you making the most out of the opportunities for online marketing which the social media offer?


Many companies fail to use efficient strategies simply because they are not focusing on the latest trends.


Website Design Christchurch can help you exploit fully all of the benefits which the social networks have to offer. Find out how this will happen.

Website Design Christchurch: Expanding Social Media Presence


Are you using all of the hottest social media? You are most probably not. There are superb opportunities beyond Facebook and you should not hesitate to exploit them.


One of the fastest developing social networks is Google+ and you will definitely benefit greatly from using it. You can post content with links to your website to boost search engine traffic as well as media traffic.


When you have a profile on Google+ and you produce marketing content, you can automatically link the article or video to the profile. That way, the profile details will appear on the search engine results along with the content. This is a great way to build credibility in your field and to gain more followers and customers.

Pinterest is another social network which your marketing should expand to, with the professional assistance of Website Design Christchurch. It is about sharing images which typically give ideas to users.


This is a great way to promote products such as clothing and accessories and services such as hair styling and wedding planning. You should definitely use YouTube as well. You can post videos which present your company and products plus videos with advice and even with instructions for DIY projects.


Website Design Christchurch: Powerful Strategies

The social networks are all about sharing. Your goal as a marketer is to help people share your content. That way, you will boost your link building efforts considerably.


In order to make people share your content, it has to be interesting and informative. Make it fun too. The website design professionals in Christchurch will integrate all important tools which visitors to your website will need for sharing content.

Paid social advertising is another major strategy which is gaining speed. You can now have your ads appear in the news feeds on Facebook rather than in the right-hand side column which has been traditionally reserved for ads.


When the message is in the news it is much more likely to be seen. More importantly, the user will certainly pay greater attention to it.

Use the services of Website Design Christchurch to create and implement an effective strategy for social media marketing. For more information on improving your online presence, call us at Web Design Christchurch on 0800 305 3664.



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