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Website Design Auckland - The Latest Trends

website-design-aucklandWhile some years back flashy website features enjoyed great popularity, the trends have now reversed completely.


Currently, the focus is on simplicity and clarity. Find out more about the trends which rule web design right now and use the services of Website Design Auckland to get a trendy website, which will generate a lot of traffic and have a high rate of conversion.

Website Design Auckland: Greater Functionality

The major trend in website design is improved user experience. The website has to be easy to navigate through. Information should be provided in a clear and conscious manner. The graphics become simpler yet more functional.


The flat design is a major trend right now and it will continue to stay. It uses large colour icons which are easy to differentiate visually. The sections of the website are clearly defined. The most important information is summarised on the main page. When clicking on the icons, the user gets to the more detailed content.


Bigger is better when it comes to navigation tools and written content. Now the large menu buttons are the norm. The font size is growing as well. Instead of writing a lot of content and trying to fit it into a small window, the idea is about presenting information in a more summarised way.


Of course, this does not mean that important details can be omitted. With Website Design Auckland, it is all about achieving balance along with greater functionality.


The single page design is getting greater popularity at present. Instead of having a number of pages, the website consists of a single page with different sections which the user is taken to automatically when clicking on the menu and navigation buttons.


Such websites use parallax scrolling for maximum convenience. This kind of design can be quite useful for websites which present a single company or product.

Website Design Auckland: Responsive Design

There is no doubt that responsive design is the biggest trend right now. It is all about designing a website which is clearly visible and works flawlessly on both desktop computers and mobile devices. The content is consistent and navigation is easy, quick and convenient.


All of the design elements described above fit perfectly into the concept of responsive design. The large colourful icons, for example, are easy to click on when you use a conventional mouse and when you use a touchscreen. It is all about improving the experience of the user in every possible way.


Give the users of your website the best experience ever with the professional services of Website Design Auckland. For more information on either taking your business online or improving your online presence, call us at Web Design Auckland on 0800 305 3664.   


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