The Mobile Web


 Is Moving Fast !



There are 4 to 1 mobile phone users to PC users.


Whats that mean to you?

Millions of mobile phone users
are out there and are now surfing the internet, staying in touch and ordering products and services via their mobile phones. The traffic is huge and getting bigger. Recent figures for people ordering pizza via their mobiles was up 33%.

According to Gartner Inc., by 2013 mobile phones will be the most common device used to access the Web

Companies now have a huge opportunity to get ahead and distinguish themselves from the competition 



Call us now to capture the opportunity presented by the exponential growth in mobile web browsing.

Ensure that your mobile interaction is seamless and recognizes how the "context" of a mobile site visitor differs from traditional Web browsers.

Build web sites that adhere to the "One Web" principle to power persuasive mobile web experiences.

Take advantage of the HTML5 standard to deliver rich internet experiences on a mobile device.

Improve operational efficiencies by creating a mobile-enabled web site rather than building and maintaining device-specific mobile "apps."


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