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Understand End User Environments.

It is important to understand your audience and the mobile phone trends generally. Mobile phone hardware (style and type) may vary depending on the product or service you are selling. Phone styles can vary by age, and usage type (ie business versus personal). This therefore effects the size, resolution and download speeds of mobile phone users and the mobile website requirements. Considering most people are just getting to grips with traditional business websites, mobile websites is yet another development we all have to get our head around if we are going to adapt to technological developments and the internet. Its happening fast whether we are ready for it or not.

Internet Access is now faster, cheaper and more commonly available. This has made mobile internet connections common place allowing mobile phone users to browse the web from their mobile phone. With the increase of smart phones such as the Iphone and wireless internet connections have made browsing the web on a mobile phone much more popular.

GPS is also starting to shape the mobile web marketing strategies, as mobile phones start to consistently establish locality and the nearest desired services. This will definitely allow smaller businesses to compete by locality for a while until the big firms try and monopolize suppliers agreements with facilitators within this market.

Online Web Strategy

How is it that a business can go and pay anything from 5,000 to 100,000 for a traditional Business Website and yet not have a clear objective of what they are trying to achieve on the internet. The IRD classes websites as an asset, yet assets are meant to produce revenue ! Most websites don't and are just an expensive brochure. Why is this? Generally because business owners don't understand the internet and the strategies that go with the territory. And why should they, its all happened so fast. The advice here is to pay a small percentage of your expenditure to consult with someone on an online plan or  outline to make sure that you turn your traditional website and your mobile website into an asset. Understand what the potentials revenues are and how you are going to capture these revenues. This will include having greater clarity and education about your online market, the online traffic numbers, keywords, industry competitiveness etc.


Mobile Website -Key Objective

With a mobile website people want different things to a traditional business website. For example they might just want access to contact details or shop hours. It maybe that they just want to be able to see a screen with some products that they can order immediately while out and about. If your a service business they may want list of services that they can click on and have more information emailed to them rather than having to view it online. Mobile Web Design is very different to traditionally web design especially in relation to strategy.

Mobile Web Design

Screen resolution varies but with the large increase in users browsing websites on smart phones you will need to ensure that they have an average display resolution of 480 x 320 pixels. Ensure you use emulator like the iphone emulator to preview your website. Design your website as a fluid width single column design so the content fits any screen resolution. Make images small and you will have little control over the design. A question often asked is what about smaller sized phones, however one needs to consider just how many websites there are on the web and with this in mind it is very unlikely that these websites will change to suit smaller mobile devices. Additionally if you understand your audience first and this is of concern you should look at more than one mobile site however it is more likely that the hardware technology will evolve to allow users to browse websites at a higher resolution.

Graphics -Fancy graphics have to be watched and be careful of working with designers who want things to look pretty at the expense of functionality. Mobile phone users will just move sites immediately and you will lose the sale. Beware of designers who don't understand internet business and mobile functionality.

Integrated websites - there are cheap options out there that create separate websites with separate domains. The preferred mobile web design should include code in the main site so as the mobile phone user's phone will recognized by the main site and automatically point the phone to the right information. Be wary of non integrated solutions.


EBIT or Business Value Increase

The businesses that get their mobile web design right can really get a head start on their competition. This could well increase your EBIT (or business value) five fold. In the future when banks, potential buyers, and investors they are going to be looking at your online strategy and websites. The online dominance and presence your business has, will have a huge effect on the EBIT (earnings before interest & tax) multiplier. ie business value or sale price.

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