Do You Really Want To Know The Truth About Websites?



 The truth is that most websites are dead ducks !


They may look fancy and have some bell and whistles, but what are they achieving? No more than taking up room in cyberspace and costing you money. Let’s be honest here. This is a pretty bold claim to make. Take a moment and think. How many leads are coming to you from your website? You may be one of the lucky ones getting leads from your website. Where are you storing these new leads? Are you communicating with them? Maybe you have an old spreadsheet floating around somewhere that you will “visit” one day.


Gone is the era of websites. Enter the new era of online business platforms. Business platforms that are so powerful they will knock your socks off. At this point you may be thinking. I know what he’s on about. Its a blurb about the necessity of having a CMS or content management system. The ability to edit your website content whenever you want.




Online Business Platform = Business Website = Extra Revenue $$

A powerful online business platform is much more than just CMS. Our online business platform has a super easy point and click CMS tool. But it doesn’t stop there. I am talking about a platform that has the ability to interact with your clients. Where they can make comments. Download files. Read Blogs. Sign up to your blogs via RSS feeds. Follow you on facebook. Receive valuable information from you via email each week. Submit a support enquiry. Real life interaction with the people most important to your business. Real business tools that convert visitors into clients.


Strategy = Traffic + Website + Coversion = Tens of Thousands of dollars extra REVENUE $$




An online business platform compliments a good  conversion strategy. A great strategy with a powerful online business platform = significant new business. A great conversion strategy is a key part to good business web design and discussed (refer article “business web design – 3 common traps to avoid”).

A powerful online business platform consists of two parts.

1) First, the website itself, or “front end” to the online business platform. This is what is traditionally called the website. It is what the public or visitors see.

2) The second part is the “back end” or management area. A great online business platform will be loaded with powerful tools in its backend. A powerful backend gives your business control. Control to create and tweak a lead generation machine. Business owners are starting to realize this. However, often their web developers link together a bunch of cheap or free tools. This result in multiple log-in accounts and confusion. Eventually none of it gets used anyway! A full solution business platform is the answer.

Below is a list of just some of the powerful tools our online business platform has built into it.

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Content Management System (CMS)

Content management is just the start. In saying this it cannot be neglected. Every business owners needs control over their website. You need CMS so you can make changes to website content. Many business owners I have talked with are pulling out their hair! All they want to do is add a special to the Home Page on their website. Or make a staff profile update. Many are paying through the eyeballs to get changes made by their business web design company. It shouldn’t be so.


The quality of CMS systems vary too. A good CMS system is user friendly. A powerful CMS system looks a lot like Microsoft Word. It allows you to make any changes to text. It allows you to add and remove images. It allows the adding of hyperlinks. Additionally it will offer html mode so you can paste in video and other graphics. Our online business platform offers all of the above plus much more. You really need to check it out (insert link here).

 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Your database is the life blood of your business. What good is a website if you can’t actually use it to build your database? If you website’s backend doesn’t have a CRM then you are missing out. Our powerful backend provides a comprehensive CRM system. This CRM system links into all backend tools including marketing and reporting. The CRM allows tasks, notes, additional fields and segmentation to be made. Add a new business contact. Or add a new personal contact. Customize fields to suit your business.

Customizable Web Forms

This is an area that has some mis-understanding. Business owners underestimate the power of the humble web form.  What is a web form? A web form is an interactive tool that allows users to enter data. This data is then processed by the website. A simple web form may only request a name and email address. Or a complex web form could have 100 areas for data to be entered. Link up web forms with a powerful CRM and voila! You are capturing visitor data and building your golden database. Web forms allow you to ask for and capture any data you want. Any data your visitors are willing to give you. The key here is having the CRM to store and manage this data. Our online business platform allows you to create and test web forms until the cows come home.

Marketing Tools

Imagine your website strategy has come together well. You have invested in what you thought was a great platform. You have a great looking “front end” or website. And you have a backend. You have written or have had written some compelling text and added this to your website. You have added a web form and you are collecting visitor information. Great stuff! Now what? You think, oh, I’ll send them an email. You go to the backend and copy and paste 200 email addresses. You then open Outlook or Apple Mail and try and paste them all in. What a nightmare! You then have a go at trying to make it all look nice. Then you realize that your Internet Service Provider only allows you to send 100 emails a day! At the end of it all it has taken 3 hours to get one email out to 100 people. Plus you have to email the rest tomorrow!


A great online business platform will have an email marketing system. Email marketing is essential for communication with your database. It keeps you in the forefront of the their minds. This leads to longer customer retention. You can also use email marketing to compel them to revisit your website where you can give value and/or market to them. Done correctly is can generate up to $41 for every $1 spent.

Shopping Cart

If you sell products then you need to get them online! A lot of services can also be sold online. Or vouchers for services. How do you do this? With an online business platform of course. Upload and manage inventory. Create product catalogues with numerous photos. Catch the impulse buyer by offering discount codes and allowing them to buy then and there. Even set up your own affiliate program so others can sell your products!

Our online business platform has seamless integration with payment gateway providers such as DPS. Allow your customers to buy while you sleep.

Reporting Tools

Any savvy business owner will understand the importance of reporting. Reporting allows you to keep a finger on the “pulse” of your business. Our online business platform has powerful reporting features. You can run reports with the click of a few buttons. You can also run numerous custom reports. This allows you to only pull up data you want to see. Run detailed website visitor reports. From what source is your traffic coming from? The search engines? Other websites? Who is it that is visiting your website?…track their IP address. Where in the world are they based? Report on what part of your website gets the most clicks. What pages are viewed the most? When was the last time google indexed your website? How many of product X have you sold this week? What link in your last email newsletter was clicked the most? Save a report and access it later. Or export it into an excel spreadsheet so you play with the figures.

In summary, it is clear that a new era is upon us. It is the era of the online business platform. The combination of both a great looking front end website and powerful backend tools are unstoppable. Why settle for just CMS? Why not access a platform where you multiple tools under one roof. Check out this video here which shows you in more detail exactly how our online business platform could work for your business. (refer video under detailed tour)

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